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The CARMEN® Parking ANPR Software Engine
The CARMEN® Parking License Plate Recognition Engine possesses all the features a high quality parking, security or access control license plate recognition system may require: it is highly accurate, fail safe, stable, fast and intelligent.

The CARMEN® Parking is specially designed for parking systems, security systems and access control systems. It has a unique integration level of the core license plate recognition technology, the video acquisition technology and the processing of multiple images of video streams, while in the same time it still offers the highest technological flexibility for you.

Meanwhile it provides superior technological performance amongst today's car park license plate readers, CARMEN® Parking offers vast flexibility - favorised by manufacturers and integrators.

CARMEN® Parking comes with an industrial quality native driver for image acquisition and video streaming, providing a plag-and-play core number plate recognition module (software and capture card) for car park and vehicle access control systems.

There is no compromise. CARMEN® Parking's Software Development Kit (SDK) makes integration plug-and-play: easy, fast and cost effective. Parking systems, access control systems, LPR security systems powered by CARMEN® deliver high recognition accuracy with a fail-safe, high speed operation.
Features of CARMEN® Parking
Nowadays, parking lots are becoming an organic par of our everyday life. Carmen Parking offers flexible, low maintenance, yet effective and intelligent technology for car park operation. It reduces costs as well as increasing efficiency and security. Carmen Parking is a core technology rather than a complete application, as it was specially designed and developed to be easily integrated into complex parking and access control applications. As a flexible system it can be tailored to meet special customer requirements. The Carmen Parking ANPR package contains the following elements: Automatic number plate recognition engine FXVD4mc_s grabber card Functions library (ANSI C/C++, MSVC/C++, MSVB and Delphi, ActiveX, OCX) Demo and test applications Tutorial and sample programs both in executable and source code Optionally provided device: High Resolution Ultra Low Lux B/W Camera equipped with a special and synchronised IR flash. To achieve the best image and avoid any compatibility difficulties, Carmen Parking is delivered with a proprietary FXVD4mc_s video capture car. The system can be used on any existing PC system running in Windows Nt 4.0 or Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003. After integrating Carmen Parking into parking management systems, controlled and automatic vehicle entry and exit in car parks or secure zones becomes possible. Furthermore, the ability to recognise registration number is a significant added value for comprehensive parking solutions or inventory management. A parking lot equipped with Carmen Parking can provide: Flexible and automatic vehicle entry to and exit from a car park Management information about car park usage Improved security for both car park operators and car park users Improved traffic flow during peak periods Other possible applications include: Vehicle recognition through date and time stamping as well as exact location Comprehensive database of traffic movement can be managed
Technical Specifications of the CARMEN® Parking ANPR Engine
Supported Operating Systems Windows Vista 32bit, XP, 2003, 2000
Programming Languages Visual C/C++ 6.0
Visual Basic 6.0
Borland Delphi
Visual Basic .NET
SDK for easy integration DLLs, ActiveX components, OCX files
Type of Plates Recognition is country and font independent.
Any Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Cyrillic characters can be recognized.
State/country region recognition (optional)
Image Input Live video input through FXVD4 frame grabber card
Trigger Trigger is needed for starting the recognition
Sample Processing Time 50ms @ CPU 2GHz, 768x288 pixels (PAL/2)
3 seconds delay between two recognition processes on the same channel
Processing Time Dependence Image quality (complexity, noise level etc.)
Image size
Processing power (CPU speed)
Parameter settings
Output Plate number in ASCII/UNICODE
Position of plate
Positions of characters
Tip list for each characters
Confidence levels for each tips
Colour of plate (optional)
Country ID (optional)
Locating more plates on one image
Documentation Reference Manual in electronic format
System Requirements Intel PIII 1 GHz or higher CPU (128MB RAM)
Free PCI / PC104+ slot

For server applications or embedded systems/smart cameras we recommend CARMEN FreeFlow to use

Applications of CARMEN® Parking
CARMEN® Parking is specially designed for parking systems and access control systems. In LPR parking systems and LPR access control systems vehicles stop at the point of automatic vehicle identification (or slow significantly down). Also, most of the parking systems and access control systems are using standard CCTV video systems, and compatible hardware components.

Consequently the main applications of CARMEN® Parking are the following: car park management, car parking automation, occupation management, automation of access control, security access control, flotilla management (car pool management), automation of vehicle entry to and exit from car parks, inventory management, state border control, etc...
Systems using CARMEN® Parking: security vehicle plate readers, LPR parking systems, access control number plate readers, location manager vehicle license plate readers and automatic vehicle registration systems.

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