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Total Quality Management
Total Quality Managemement (TQM) is the process for managing quality: it is a continuous way of working, a philosophy of eternal improvement in everything a company does to meet customer requirements and satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2000 is an International Quality Standard for Quality Management.

By today ISO 9000 (the basis of ISO 9001:2000) has become the most widely recognised, accepted and respected international reference for quality management requirements in business-to-business dealings. ISO sets in place a system to deploy and assure quality policy, verifiable objectives and measures. ISO is the basis for TQM.

Products of Adaptive Recognition Hungary are designed, engineered, manufactured and supported under Total Quality Management, supported and certified by ISO 9001:2000

· SGS United Kingdom Ltd.
Yarsley International Certification Services
That the Quality Management system of
AR Hungária Részvénytársaság
(Adaptive Recognition Hungary, Company Limited by Shares)
Budapest, Hungary
have been assessed and registered
as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001.

Quality Standard: ISO 9001:2000
Certificate Number: Q19740
Certification Issue Date: 11 May 2001

ISO, ISO 9001:2000, and International Quality Standards at, the source of ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and more than 14 000 International Standards for business, government and society, a network of national standards institutes from 146 countries working in partnership with international organizations, governments, industry, business and consumer representatives, a bridge between public and private sectors.
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