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FXCAM ANPR camera series

FXCAM series is all-in-one camera family dedicated for number plate recognition applications

In every ANPR / LPR system it is a critical issue to provide consistent images of appropriate quality level. FXCAM is an advanced camera technology dedicated for 24/7 number plate capturing.

To provide optimal image quality in various operating environments, the camera is equipped with an infra-red illuminator unit that is built-in to the camera housing.

The smart shutter technology enables you to make an adaptive image capturing system, controlled automatically by software.

Effective range is up to 15 meters (48 ft) but it may vary depending on the specific environmental conditions.

Ideal for both moving traffic (motorways, enforcement, congestion, etc.) and access control (parking management) applications.

FXCAM series contains analog and digital versions (IP) as well.

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