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Ultra High Recognition Accuracy
Intelligent OCR Processing
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Stable Operation

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High Durability
Easy Operation
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General Information

We design, manufacture and market both OCR software and integrated OCR devices for Automatic Recognition of Vehicle License Plates: processing vehicle regitration numbers automatically.

Our number plate recognition software and plate recognition devices are capable of capturing and reading vehicle license plates or so called number plates of any vehicle from around the World.

Our products are ultimately advanced solutions for the essential demand of vehicle identification of the security industry.

Our main products are the License Plate Recognition Software Library, and integrated license plate recognition devices: Mobile Plate Recognition Units, License Plate Recognition Cameras, and License Plate Recognition Servers.

All of these products are designed to meet the latest demands of automated identification of motor vehicles.

We offer a range of products:
·uniquely high-quality license plate recognition software engine
·video aquisition cards for industrial plate recognition video capturing
·license plate recognition for car parking
·license plate recognition for vehicle access control
·license plate recognition for motorway tolling
·mobile car plate readers
·remote license plate recognition servers

Our license plate recognition software comes with a fully featured SDK (software development tool), with comprehensive API (application programming interface) via industrial standard interfaces.

All of our products are designed to be smoothly and easily integrated into computer systems. All major platforms are supported: Linux, Windows, C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc...

All of our devices are in highest industrial quality:
·designed for 24h/day, 7days/week stable operation
·exceptionally ergonomic software and hardware
·robust structure, very high durability
·high OCR accuracy, outstanding functionality
·design and manufacturing under ISO 9001:2000 industrial quality standards

There is no compromise... These products deliver exactly what is needed: not less, and not more. Every neccessary functionality is natively included while no superfluous details have to be dealt with.

And our customers are satisifed...


· CARMEN® FreeFlow 
· CARMEN® Parking 
· Video Capture Card 
· CARMEN® Mobile ANPR Unit 
· CARMEN® ANPR Server 

License Plate Recognition
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Our products are
ISO 9001:2000 Certified


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